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Ceramic Coating

Everybody wants their car to look as good as new. That’s the beauty of our Ceramic Protection Warranty!  By applying CK1 Ceramic Nano Coating directly to your vehicle’s exterior, you’ll protect it from the harsh elements of the environment and keep it glossy and shiny for years. We also apply our specially formulated coating to the interior fabric and leather to protect and maintain the quality and appearance of your vehicles interior. 

Ding & Dent

Sometimes a little dent in your car can leave a big dent in your wallet. CK1 Ding & Dent Warranty protects you and your vehicle from those unavoidable dents.  Using an innovative process called Paintless Dent Repair, our skilled technicians will manipulate and massage the metal to restore your vehicle to its original condition. Our protection in unlimited, so when you get a ding, just give us a ring! Same day service available. 

Ultimate Appearance
Protection Protection

Keeping your vehicle looking like-new in today’s world has become a never ending battle. Most cosmetic imperfections are a result of another person’s careless actions and take away from the beauty of your car. Our Ultimate Appearance Warranty provides maximum coverage and is a hassle free way for the repairing the  most common types of damage: Paint Chips, Curb Rashed Wheels, Dings and Dents and Chipped Windshields. 

It stands to reason you’d love to maintain the appearance of that showroom shine and drive your vehicle with pride for the time you own your new car!

As you are aware, minor mishaps seem to happen every time you drive on congested highways or park your car in a crowded parking lot. Smelly interiors and damaged leather to annoying dings and dents, paint chips, windshield damage and scraped wheels all showing up more and more frequently.

That’s precisely why our CK1 Warranty Coverage Plans offer to repair all of the most common occurrences facing car owners:

    • Paintless Door Ding & Dent Protection
    • Ceramic Nano Coating for Your Vehicles Exterior and Leather and Fabric Protection for the Interior.
    • The Ultimate Appearance Package protecting your vehicle from virtually all types of repairs including Protection for:
      Paintless Dent Repairs, Interior Damage, Scuffed & Scraped Wheels, Windshield Chips and Paint Chips.

Our Warranty Plans ensure you drive a beautiful car from the day you drive off the dealers lot, to lease termination or the eventual sale of your vehicle, all without the worry of exorbitantly expensive repair bills.

All of these unavoidable damages are repaired using innovative processes by skilled technicians that know how to do things professionally and correctly with the average repair being completed in less than an hour.

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is new or used, our Warranty Protection Plans provide for an unlimited number of repairs and are guaranteed for life!

Making a claim and getting your vehicle repaired is as easy as making one call to the toll-free number provided with your paperwork and setting up an appointment to get your vehicle repaired and looking like new again!

You’ve worked hard to purchase your new vehicle. Protect yourselves from expensive lease end charges, and drive a great looking car everyday!

CK1 Ultimate Protection

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